In a market heavily saturated with banks and banking services, a brand has to be borderline revolutionary to catch the attention of their audience. DBS did just that by launching the iWealth® App - an innovative product that can completely change people’s banking and trading habits.

That was not enough, as they still find themselves lost in a sea of competitors that provide solutions that appeared similar. When we stepped in, we tackled this issue from a marketer's perspective; by identifying a strong insight and adding a human touch that gives the campaign more resonance. Through our research, we recognized the over usage of brand representatives but also understood the significance of picking the right one, and we found the perfect candidate in Andy Hui for our project. His influence and fanbase go without saying, but it is his unique relationship with a competitor's spokesperson that takes the cake, allowing us to deliver a tongue-in-cheek campaign that turned some heads. We recorded 350,000 views and 3,000 engagement within the first five days, and educated potential customers about a serious service with just the right amount of humor.

Agency: Sunny Idea
Head of Creative: Vincent Tse, Leung Chung
ACD: Curry Mak
SAD: Lok Lai
AAD: Stephanie J. Smith

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