Launching an online shop is no news today, so we knew we had to leverage an existing hot topic to draw attention to Fortress's new eShop, and that all started on social.

One of the trending conversations during that period was Hong Kong Disneyland phasing out Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters to welcome a new Marvel-themed attraction. Public sentiment was high, and it served as the perfect basics of our launch video. Collaborating with two artists that are well known for their resemblance to Buzz Lightyear and Iron Man, we created a humorous short film to kick things off and sustain the effort by having a moving truck go around the city, where people can scan a QR code in exchange for incentives to use on the eShop. We also developed mini online games that prompted participants to hunt for latest offers. With the launch video going viral, we managed to get a remarkable amount of organic awareness and reactions on all accompanying activations.

Agency: Sunny Idea
Head of Creative: Vincent Tse, Leung Chung
ACD: Curry Mak
SAD: Ivy Wong
AAD: Stephanie J. Smith

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