Every person has their own routines - a list of tasks that has to be completed for a basic purpose; such as eating to cure hunger. However, when these routines can be seen differently with a change in attitude, then shaving should not be regarded as a routine but a ritual that is fully engaging.

The Art of Shaving encourages a symbiotic and meaningful shaving process where the user is internally motivated to ‘perform’ a shave rather than just ‘complete’ a shave. In addition, The Art of Shaving 4-step guide to a Perfect Shave ensures a clean and close shave for better skin health.

9 out of 10 men’s grooming advertisements make use of physical attributes to promote the masculine qualities of the ideal man. On the contrary, The Art of Shaving promotes a modern gentlemen’s charisma that is cultivated via the processes of doing things attentively, the main example of which is wet shaving. ‘Start Your Ritual’ hints to the audience to change their attitude towards every day routines, and view them as rituals, including their shaving habits.


:: Ambience
Mirrors with rhetorical questions are displayed in MTR stations and public restrooms (e.g. shopping malls and office buildings). They make the audience reflect on whether they suffer from the stated problems caused by dry shaving.

:: Online Video
The online video features a man at home who attends to his facial grooming and other daily tasks formally and attentively. It promotes a modern gentlemen’s charisma that is cultivated through the processes of doing things one deems worthwhile.

The online video is featured on The Art of Shaving website and popular men’s fashion lifestyle platforms, such as MR. PORTER and GQ.


:: Website
The Art of Shaving website provides information on the health benefits of wet shaving over dry shaving. It follows with a know-how section for new users who are unfamiliar with the regime of wet shaving. The collection section allows users to purchase a set of wet shaving products instantly.


:: Instagram
Daily tips are posted on @THEARTOFSHAVINGHK to let users gain more insight on things to note when wet shaving at home. Occasional aspirational posts may also spark interest and encourage conversation between the brand and its users.
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